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Custom Wreaths

From $20.00

Custom wreaths for every holiday, season, and occasion. Be sure to showcase your favorite sports teams, or welcome guests into your home with one of our seasonal or holiday wreaths. Show off special occasions such as birthdays or weddings or even a baby shower. Ranging from 8", 14", 18" 22-24" ring size, to special gnomes, hats, and flower/seasonal arrangements; custom wreaths are a great way to showcase your home!


Gnomes and Decor

From $15.00

Whether you need a custom welcome sign, seasonal/holiday ladder ranging in different sizes, or unique signs and other decor. Each piece is sure to brighten up your home. Check out our collection for a vast array of options.

Tomte Gnomes also known as Nisse Gnomes - what started out as a Scandinavian tradition has widely grown to become a household staple around the world. These whimsical creatures are protectors of the home and add magic to every room. Available in different sizes and styles make sure to check out our collection to add one of these little guys to your home today!  


Centerpieces and Candle Holders

From $14.99

Feeling festive? Then our huge selection of centerpieces and candle holders are just the thing. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles to accentuate your dining space or candles. Whether it be for a holiday or seasonal decor or even all year round, Check out our selection to find that special creation that will bring happiness to your home!

Fall Candle Holder.jpg
Blue Blanket_edited.jpg

Blankets and Throws

From $75.00

Our custom collection of blankets and throws is an absolute must for every room of the house. Each blanket hand woven from cozy soft chenille yarn, and can be found in a variety of sizes. They are the perfect gift for others or even for yourself - Great for those chilly nights!

We do have a unique collection, but these can also be custom ordered. Showcase your favorite sports team with specific colors like black/grey/white (Raiders), red/blue/white trim (Capitals), or design your own with several colors. Contact us for a specific color/design and pricing accordingly (subject to availabilty of color). 


Solar Stands

From $48.00

This is such a special way to light up the outside of your home. Ranging in different themes - each solar stand showcases novelty figurines. Add a cute touch to your décor while lighting up your home.

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gnomes solar.jpg

Decorative Ladders


Special Ladders for every holiday, season, and occasion. We make sure each ladder is unique and is sure to brighten up your home and make it happy!  Standing 3 feet tall and a foot wide; they are a unique way to decorate for the season and a great way to add happiness to your home!

Christmas Tree Ladders

From $55.00

These 5 foot X-Mas Tree Ladders are one of a kind; and an amazing addition to any home. Designed to sit against the Christmas tree, our customers find these so unique they place them all around their homes! Explore our wide variety of themes and designs from Gnomes, Country trucks, Santa Clause, bears, Holiday Baking, Snowman, and so much more to showcase your style. We offer characters like Grinch, Peanuts, Frozen Mickey Mouse; Dinosaurs, Incredibles  - these are just some of the designs we feature. Looking for that special gift or decor browse our selection for a ladder for the Fireman, Police Officer, or even Military Professionals! Don't see what you're looking for, reach out to us and we will work to make a X-Mas Tree Ladder specific to you!

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