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All About Happy Home Creations

Our Crafty Journey

"Home is where Love resides, Memories are created, Friends always belong and Laughter never ends"

The idea for Happy Home Creations first started 5 years ago with custom cozy blankets. It was a simple way to bring happiness into homes with cozy chenille blankets. Ranging from couch throws to custom quilt sizes, these became a staple for many of our clients. Whether it be for a late movie night, cuddling with a good book, relaxing and binge watching on the weekends, our blankets were the perfect way to bring happiness to our clients and their homes. From these humble beginnings, we have continued to expand not only in designs but also our creations. 

The year of 2020 brought many struggles, the greatest of all being the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced many of us into our homes for long periods of time, where our homes became a place of sanctuary and safe havens for families all over the world. This is where Happy Home Creations really gained fruition and became more than just an idea and cozy blankets. While we all needed to stay at home; the same walls, the same items, the same day to day really accentuated the isolation and boredom that many felt.  

Our mission is to bring specialized hand crafted creations to our clients with the intent to turn each house into a Happy Home again. Each home is unique and needs a special creation that reflects that uniqueness and personality. Our creations do just that and will be sure to turn your house into a Happy Home and bring smiles and laughter.

Browse our unique collection, and find your special creation today that's sure to turn your house into a Happy Home

Find a wreath or porch décor to welcome back neighbors and friends, or just bring a smile to your face as you walk through the door. 

Enjoy our collection of indoor décor whether it's table centerpieces for your family to gather around and enjoy year round, or various seasonal décor - we offer an array of options sure to bring happiness and content.  

Our Tomte Gnomes are magical creations, not only protectors of the home but whimsical in their arrangements. Every shelf and nook of the house isn't complete without one of these little guys. 

Finally, our blankets are custom one of a kind, cozy creations. Hand woven from Chenille yarn and custom colors - you'll be sure to want one for every room of the house to cuddle with day or night. 

Browse our unique collection, and find your special creation today that's sure to turn your house into a Happy Home. 

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